Celebrating the simple joy of being alive

Enchanting, experiential events to reconnect with yourself, nature, and a real sense of belonging

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After a busy week or trying time, we all need a place to step away from it all – and find ease and peace within.  

Here, you’re invited to enter an enchanted place where you can really be yourself, fill up with joy, and feel a part of it all.

That connection and sense of belonging with yourself, others and the elements lasts long after the event is over, filtering through into your everyday life. And you’re always welcome back for a top-up – in a warm, fun and accepting setting with the structure and freedom to feel free.

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Feel uplifted and alive in a place to truly connect

Beautiful, Uplifting and Unique

Others say my events are beautiful, uplifting and unique. And that’s true. But what makes them so special is the connection that’s always at their heart.

You’ll find yourself part of an enriching, joyful group of people...and experience a deep sense of peace within yourself. There’s an uplifting, as well as a grounding – within yourself, and with everything and everyone around you.

You’ll likely emerge feeling more uplifted, more inspired and more you.

“Thank you for the beautiful event and space you created today ! I loved it a lot! It was just right in all the ways! Yay for zoom for making my participation possible!” Chrisi

“I don’t know anyone with Emily’s energy and pure passion for helping others and bringing people together. In the very cosy and welcoming event space, she beams out enthusiasm and experience in abundance.” Olivia

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Come together in supportive, safe circles with Seasonal Celebrations, Sisters of the Star Blossoms, Sharing from the Heart and the Enchantress Circle . 

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Celebrate love, life, motherhood, divorce, a new business or another special rite of passage in a beautiful, memorable and sensitive ceremony.

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Experience enchanted transformation, powerful connection with the elements, and intuitive coaching and hypnotherapy to live with love, joy and freedom.

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What you’ll experience...

Each event offers an experiential foray into the essence of the season, colour and the joy of nature. They’re a vibrant blend between a party, a celebration, a workshop and a circle. 

You’ll be immersed in elements of movement, meditation, guided visualisation, sensitive facilitation, participation, music, connection exercises, elemental ritual and sharing.

Before the event, you’ll receive a playlist, dress code and instructions on how to take part. 

“Your event was LOVELY!  Thank you so much for sharing your lovely ceremony with me!  A lovely intimate gathering. Thank you! xo” – Kath

“Thank you for the beautiful event and space you created today ! I loved it a lot! It was just right in all the ways! Yay for Zoom for making my participation possible!” – Helen

“It feels as if after many months of being stuck in a monochrome world, the colours are seeping back again.” – Melanie

“I left feeling inspired, with a clear direction of what to do next to take my business in the right direction for me, and with all the tools to do so.” – Sarah

“Emily beams out enthusiasm and experience in abundance. Thanks to her support, and that within the group, I left feeling mentally freed up and creative, and with some great ideas to play with.” Olivia

“Emily has a vast amount of knowledge, insight and intuition that makes sessions with her a deep excavation of soul purpose.” – Lizzie

A Bit About Me

As an event creator, intuitive coach, elemental celebrant and hypnotherapist, I host immersive events inspired by joy, colour and nature. Using all of the senses and the natural environment, they’re designed to reconnect you with your own inner magic. 

A choreography of connection, each event uses a colour palette of beauty and a mise-en-scène of the senses to immerse you in the excitement and gratitude of being alive. I spin webs of elements from my creative vision, guided visualisations, rituals, ceremonies and my connection with magic..all stemming from my love of hosting and facilitating experiential events.

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