Creating connection...

from the heart

If you’re yearning to belong to a community that inspires, supports and shares with one another – while feeling connected to yourself and to the elements, my experiential events await...

Here, you’re met with a warm welcome and accepting place to be yourself. A place to align with a more natural way of being. A place to feel what is integral, universal, eternal. 

By coming together to celebrate the seasons and our senses, we experience deep belonging in our soul...while having a lot of fun!

“So beautiful and magical. Powerful – through each part of the evening my heart really opened and expanded and my attention and focus moved more and more from head to heart.” Caroline

“Thank you for supporting me to again feel the wonderfulness of being alive. It feels as if after many months of being stuck in a monochrome world, the colours are seeping back again.”

“Being in your beautiful events, around other beautiful souls, reminds me of my essence. Your work is very powerful. Lots of love to you. Thank you. xxxx” – Miriam

Welcome, I’m Emily Jane Love

As an event creator, heart-centred hypnotherapist, intuitive coach, dancer, creative consultant and elemental celebrant, I host immersive events inspired by joy, colour and nature.

I’ve always questioned the way things are. That’s why I wanted to create events that are more aligned with the world I envisage: one that is gentle, joyful, expressive, and encompassing the full human experience where you can feel free to be your real self.

Creating connection is natural to me. I can find it in a moment on the dance floor... while walking in the woods...or sharing a smile with a stranger. I delight in deep, meaningful conversations about life and this illusion we call reality.

And so, I wanted to create events where we can feel that sense of connection more often, more directly, more deeply...more naturally.

In a way, events are my art. A live canvas to share my vision with others, so they can feel safe to share theirs – with heart, openness, and freedom from the fear of judgement.

Let your heart guide you

Many of us are searching, longing, for true connection with ourselves, our friends, our clients and community. At the same time, we’re experiencing the most transformational time, as old structures and unsustainable ways of doing things crumble.

I believe celebrating the simple joy of being alive is the answer.

And by connecting with it, we can learn to feel beauty within. As we harness our mind to fulfil the wisdom of the heart, we find a new place and way of being that can be our future and our freedom – for ourselves, for one another, and for the Earth.


People often show up to an event and say, “I don’t know what brought me here, but I feel I’m in the right place.”

And as we close the circle, I often hear: “I couldn’t possibly explain to my friends what I’m experiencing here...but I know I want to feel it again.”

If this feels like something you’d like to experience, I would love to invite you to come along and get reacquainted with your own sense of joie de vivre. Or ask me about creating your own events.

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