Creating Ceremonies

Creating Ceremonies

Have you always wanted to learn to create ceremonies and feel at one with the elements, magic, beauty and nature?

Come and weave yourself into connection with the elements using your intuition, movement, magic, ceremony, ritual and the power of your heart. Learn to create beautiful, sacred rituals to enhance your life and feel yourself as part of nature and the earth. 

You will learn how we can connect to the elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) every day and how creating ceremonies can enhance your life. You will also learn how to create ceremonies for your friends, family and community. 

What to expect:

  • How to create circle
  • How to create a centre-piece / altar
  • Seasonal information
  • Information on New and Full Moons 
  • What the elements represent
  • The elements in relation to angels and crystals 
  • Connecting with your own intuition
  • Guided mediation and visualisation
  • Some gentle movement
  • A feeling of tangible connection to the elements that you can tap into every day
  • Ideas, insights, inspiration, confidence and tools for creating your own ceremonies
  • Lots of fun and laughter

About Emily

Emily Jane Love is a unique free spirit; unique in her real-ness and in her connection to many dimensions. She channels her love, passion and creativity into creating magical and transformational events, workshops and gatherings and in working one-to-one with clients.  Her work has the ability to create connection through a sense of warmth and love. Emily magically creates and holds a beautiful, safe and enchanting space for people to blossom, beam and shine. Emily has the ability to facilitate connection beyond the every day and emanates a captivating, glowing light of joy. She weaves this web of connection through all dimensions -  bringing love, meaning and connection at the level of the heart. In this way her events and workshops are imbued with a magical sense of creative connection which inspires others to fully express from their hearts and release their own magical creativity within.

Posted by Emily Love on June 20th 2021

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