How to Follow Your Heart - and why

“Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” Rumi. 

For me, work and heart, being and purpose are all intertwined. I’ve spent almost fifty years working out what it is that makes me unique and finding ways to live like that. I’m sure it will be a lifetimes work and things will open, evolve and unfold even more during the next fifty. 

What I know is that following my heart brings, more connection, love and fulfilment and is far less scary than following the ways of the should’ve ought to and could have.

As ever inspired by the beautiful universal love expression of Rumi I thought I’d share some ways to access your heart.

Learning how to feel your inner sense, your intuition – your heart takes time and practise like everything. One way to start to be able to distinguish between what is your mind and ego calling and what is the deepest pull of your heart and soul is to learn what it feels like to be most comfortable in your body. One deeply gifted intuitive healer that I know shared with me that to her, intuition feels “comfortable”. When you are comfortable inside your own body and can rest deeply and well in there then you are more attuned to things that do not feel comfortable. This work is about unlearning the conditioning or a lifetime, in fact many lifetimes and so don’t worry if you make mistakes. We all make them. We make them when following the mind’s way too so the only thing to do is to keep going, follow the heart, open it more and get more and more into our bodies as a result. 

Here are a few things to do to re-connect with our body which will help to follow the heart’s way:

Walk outside in nature; breathe, meditate, be  – whichever way works for you. Dancing, stretching, moving. Here is a heart opening meditation to try (imagine that in the centre of your heart is a rose, focus your intention there, with each breath imagine that the petals of the rose open and close as you breathe in and out. You can picture the rose getting to full bloom and then closing it back into a bud before you complete each session). Write the morning pages / do journaling (ideally in a journal not on FB) Sometimes it is okay just to sit and be, so sometimes just sit and be.

That feeling of spacious, calmness can open the magic doorway into the heart

  • Give, help others, find ways that you can offer your support for what people want not what you want to give. 
  • Receiving, ask, give to yourself. 
  • Slow down. Be open to signs, sounds, images, synchronicities. As you start to slow down you will have more chance to notice your feelings, get in tune with them and listen. 
  • Breathe 
  • Write a list of 101 that you love 
  • Write a list of 101 things that you love about yourself 
  • Do things that you really love, experiment and see how different activities feel in your body you might like to try (reading poetry, studying a language, doing pottery, writing, dancing, listening to music / making playlists, doing or having massage, making a meal, growing herbs, studying herbology, watching uplifting films (try or making films, listening to uplifting and inspiring podcasts or making your own, talking to friends, holding gatherings, painting, drawing, journalling, making a visual diary, making a mood board or vision board, making boards on Pint-rest, playing music, learning an instrument, singing, acting, going to the gym, spinning or pilates or training in a martial art) 
  • Clear out your space, remove clutter and make things clean, clear and sparkling

Following our heart can feel scary and spacious. It is setting a groove in a new route through the neural pathways and eons of conditioning so it feels different. It can be a great place to hang out in and get used to his new feeling of unfamiliarity. Getting used to the idea that the new, different and unfamiliar is all a part of the process. 

Remember . . . “Be patient towards all that is unsolved in your heart …..” Rainer Maria Rilke

Don’t try and work everything out all at once. Maybe we do not have to see the whole entire strategy ahead of us. And certainly we will not be able to imagine all of the connections and opportunities that will come as we step out and share our hearts and work on and offline. Sometimes this can hold us back from even doing it. The fact of not knowing. But then perhaps we could look at it more like an unfolding yellow brick road of an adventure, with each magical step we take an otherwise undiscovered challenge, event, joint venture or brilliant partnership might be presented. Each one being created from our having taken the step forward in the first place. ❤ï¸Â

Posted by Emily Love on July 30th 2021

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