Individual Ceremonies

Can you imagine a ceremony created just for you?

All the magic, connection and nature of a group but created especially just for you, with your favourite scents, seasonal flowers, personal oracle cards, personal clarity and intentions and your very special brand of magic activated and ready to be shared out with the world. 

Imagine yourself at the centre of the circe.. . . standing emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally open and clear. A very special place created with your essence at the core. Following a consultation I create a ceremony to create magic aligned with your centre. Perhaps it is the launch of your business, new project, writing your book, launching your podcast or even opening your heart for a new relationship. We work together to get clear on your intention and then I’ll put you at the centre of the circle. We’ll do the cleansing ritual together and then you’ll connect with the elements Earth, for physical manifestation, Air, for your authentic self-expression, Fire, for your passion, drive and motivation and Water for your ability to tune into your intuition and create and follow your own flow and rhythms. We’ll infuse your intention with the energy of the elements and create a plan of action to get going. 

We’ll use various structures to get clear about your intention and then using the senses, colour, flowers, crystals and oracle cards to create a beautiful and powerful ceremony to create what you want in the world. 

It’s part consulting, part coaching and part facilitated personal ceremony. There are two elements to this experience. One where we talk and get clear and the other were we create the ritual ceremony. We can record it so that you have a record. 

Expect magic, connection, miracles and leaving with a sense of peace, purpose and certainty with your magic clearly out there in the world. 

If you have been to my events I’m running an offer on bookings up until Lammas where instead of the normal fee of £300 we will do it for £200. I have created a great deal of magic with this way of working and I’d love to share that with you. 

Posted by Emily Love on June 20th 2021

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