Summer Solstice Recipes

Some things to make during this season are Elderflower Champagne, Honey Cake and also eat lots of strawberries!

One year I made a gluten and sugar free strawberry loaf for our celebration in Trent Park. Honey cake is also a great thing to make as there is a lot of honey around right now. 

Elderflower champagne is a beautiful and seasonal drink for this time of year. As is honey cake. As I don’t eat white refined sugar I have been aiming to create some recipes that are refined sugar free for you to try. Strawberries are also in season in the UK during June so you can use these as a sweetener. I have been known to juice them in a blender and use them as a sweetener perhaps with some honey or maple syrup which you might like to try depending on your own dietary requirements.  Go here for a Summer Solstice salad recipe. 

Here is a recipe for a Summer Solstice Flowering Salad:

  • Your selection of leaves, lettuce, watercress, spinach, rocket, 
  • Cucumber
  • Small red tomatoes
  • a sprinkling of edible blossoms such as: nasturtium, borage, calendula
  • I often like to add cooked roast or steamed vegetables to a salad such as asparagus, courgette and green beans. 

It’s really nice if you can get all the ingredients a similar size, so cut the lettuce, chop the tomatoes and cut the beans in half! This helps them get nicely coated in the dressing. 


  • Organic extra virgin olive oil
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • honey
  • pine nuts
  • pink sea salt and pepper
  • some mustard or mustard powder. 

Mix them all together and then you can if you like carefully create a topping from the cooked vegetables so that you have a vegetable sun on the top of your salad. Then eat and enjoy!

Posted by Emily Love on June 20th 2021

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