The Enchantress Circle

Is a place for peri-menopausal and menopausal women to come together to share, connect for support, love and connection. As we enter this deeply enlivening, and what can at times be massively excruciating rite-of -passage The Enchantress Circle offers a rich support of sisterhood, joy and self-empowerment.

With hormones raging, often we have not felt such an array of extreme physicality since puberty or child birth. We may be experiencing all sorts of pain, emotion, rage or hysteria. I know I have never laughed or cried so much the last three years nor experienced such deep sways of emotion or felt such pain in my body. In my discussions with many women who have now come through the experience it seems to me that there are all sorts of ailments to deal with. Everything from aching bones and limbs, to heavy periods and womb pulling to headaches, muscle tension and everything in between. People have told me how they worry that they are suffering from all sorts of physical complaints. The one thing that seems to be common is that afterwards there’s a new lease of life!

I feel like this is a time of deep soul searching. A time where we are truly coming into our own. Where our decisions and actions really have to come from a place of soul certainty; taking our place in the world, asking for what we want, owning our stuff, listening to our body, acting on our heart’s desire, not letting anything stop us and moving forward regardless.

This is often a time for speaking out for sure about what we feel is important and finally relinquishing any issues that may have previously held us back in our life from doing, saying and acting exactly how we want to.

The Enchantress Circle is a place to come together, to be seen and heard and to be held in a beautifully choreographed space inspired by nature and designed to support us to be ourselves completely. A consciously choreographed circle which is connected to the seasons and offers a non-judgmental place of total acceptance. Magic happens in such a place. Connections thrive and our sense of taking our place in the world and opening up to the flow of the universe as it flows through us finally comes to fruition as well as having a place to experience relaxation, inspiration, mutual wisdom and support Enchantress Circle is a place to call home.


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