A handfasting is an old wedding custom, dating back to the time of the ancient Celts. 

A handfasting was originally more like an engagement period, where two people would declare a binding union between themselves for a year and a day. The original handfasting was a trial marriage. It gave the couple the chance to see if they really wanted to be married. After that time is up the couple could either split as if they had never been married or could decide to enter permanently into marriage.

These days we can choose whatever we wish! Why not have a hand fasting every year and a day! Or a ceremony for as long as our love shall last. A more conscious coupling and also un-coupling. 

Many people today have embraced hand fasting as a part of their wedding ceremony. One of the wonderful things about hand fasting is that you can create a ceremony around it that suits you! It’s very popular and it makes sense:

You can create your own beautifully personalised ceremony inside or outYou get a real sense of the ancient link to this way of life and to the meaning behind the ceremony it can ignite ancient memories in your cells and can be a beautiful reminder of what love isA hand-fasting can be a real commitment to one another, you are consciously choosing to be together 

Handfasting is a beautiful loving ritual and can be a very visual and colourful ceremony with a physical reminder in the form of the bindings. It is a very symbolic way to remember it and ‘ties the knot’, binding you in love to one another, in front of all of your loved ones.

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