In the Spirit of Business

In the Spirit of Business is a Monday lunchtime, meet-up for people who want to make the world more beautiful, to change things, to make people aware of other ways to do things and to connect, inspire, support and energise one another. It is for people who run (or want to run) a spiritual based business or for people who want to put more spirit into their business. 

It is a place where the magical and mundane merge and where heart, mind, soul and business come together.

“In the Spirit of Business” is about:

  • Connecting with people who are doing their own creative, healing and transformational work in the world.
  • Being supported on areas in your business such as marketing, promotion, social media 
  • Uncovering any blocks you might have to doing what you want to do 
  • Listening to your heart to discover why you do what you do and how embodying that can help you in your life and business
  • Experiencing a bit of magic and mindset and how to apply that in your every day life and business 
  • Feeling inspired, supported, motivated and excited about some new ideas 
  • Learning about which more esoteric tools you can use to support you in your work
  • Feeling uplifted, motivated and full of possibility

In the Spirit of Business is on Mondays from 12-2pm it is only £11 to attend and if you bring a friend it is 2-4-1. It is two tickets for the price of one! 

“These meetings are so magical, I really recommend them! A beautiful warm and supportive atmosphere, and a strong mystical/spiritual element which is missing in most business networking groups. Every time, I also take away a great action step I can put into practice.” Stella, Somatic Coach

“I don’t know anyone with Emily’s energy and pure passion for helping others and bringing people together. She beams out enthusiasm and experience in abundance. I left feeling mentally freed up and creative, and with some great ideas to play with.” Olivia, Life Coach

“This was an inspiring and creative space where I could feel some of my business blocks beginning to dissolve... That environment can really get your creative juices flowing and get some specific insights into where you need to improve in order to take your business to the next level.” Bristena

“In the Spirit of Business” is for you if you:

  • are self-employed and run or are interested in having a heart-led business 
  • are a Professional Healer
  • are a Spiritual / Heart-Centred Entrepreneur
  • are an Artist or creative
  • want to be part of creating personal and planetary change

If you would like to come and experience the connections at In the Spirit of Business then join us next time on Monday 12th April in a Virtual Room on Zoom.

My vision for In The Spirit of Business is of a warm, connected and growing community of Holistic Entrepreneurs who want to integrate intuition and spirituality in their business so that they can make decisions about their work from a connected place while finding flow and ease and magic within the work that they do. It will be fun, beautiful and inspirational. There will be a structure which facilitates heart-felt connections, authentic sharing, beautiful businesses, mutual inspiration, support and motivation. An opportunity to go beyond the way we normally interact. People will leave feeling heard and seen, cared for and home. It will be a haven for heart-centred business owners to come together. 

I am so looking forward to connecting with you


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