One to One

  • Do you want to feel comfortable in your own skin, like you belong  and with a sense of connection to everything?
  • Do you feel like there is something holding you back but you don’t know what?
  • Are there things you would like to do in your life but you don’t know how?
  • Do you want to feel aligned, in love with life and full of enthusiasm and purpose?

I work with you in sessions where we get to the very root of your soul and where you leave feeling confident to express that clearly with the world. 

If you want to overcome a limitation that has been blocking you get in touch and find out if I can help.  

 My 25 years of being self-employed has given me masses of experience in small businesses and small business coaching and in getting ideas for projects and businesses off the ground and in marketing through social media and PR.

However, the core thing that I can do is take something or someone from blocked to unblocked, from stagnated to expanded. It is like raw inspiration. Perhaps you might recognise it as being bit like breakthrough coaching . . or unblocking coaching.

Often people will feel happier, more content, uplifted and have greater clarity after a session together. I have a powerful and yet deeply gentle way of working with people. Working together in this way can be a fun, challenging, enlivening and a totally transformational experience. There is something special about having someone working alongside you who believes in you, is working from love, deep intuition and vision and who wants you to succeed as much as you do and who can help you to come into your centre and into the very core of your being so that you feel in line with yourself, connected with your heart and have the courage and confidence to make the changes that will fulfil you deeply in your life. 

This type of work might:

  • give you the answer you were looking for
  • corroborate what you knew all along
  • inspire you to make a change or changes in your life
  • loose weight, get fit, put health and wellbeing at the top of your list 
  • give you the inspiration and encouragement to launch your idea, help you get clear on your message or title for your book or event 
  • help you bring more joy in your life. 
  • start your own business or expand your existing one
  • get clear about who you really are and what you really want 
  • feel more comfortable in your self and in your sense of self- esteem and belonging
  • shed light on what is needed. You might feel clearer and excited. 

I use my sense, my intuition, my energy and the 9-energies as tools to help me get to the root core of your nature. This then helps in getting un-stuck and moving forward based on who and what you naturally are. 

Examples of things that might need un-blocking:

  • Reaching more people with your work
  • Getting the inspiration and go ahead to launch your new project, start your podcast, you tube channel or write your book
  • Get a publishing deal on your book or self-publish your book
  • Start a new business
  • Loose weight
  • Feel more comfortable in your own -skin
  • Experience greater joy in your life
  • Feel more positive about what you do
  • Find new love or re-ignite an existing relationship 
  • Love your life more
  • Re-igniting that sense of joie-de-vivre in your life
  • Launching your book, band, project, business, event

Some things that people have said about working with me:

I completed a session with the gorgeous Emily to unlock some blockages I was having around my career.  It was a beautiful, gentle, one-to-one session. The session naturally flowed and I came away feeling empowered by what came up; as it was a reminder of how far I had come in life and about potential new doors that could be opened.  If you are looking for something a little different and want to brave about digging deep inside yourself, then this transformational experience could be just what you are looking for. “Michelle

The session, was alchemic and truly empowering. Emily's passion and attentiveness felt very touching and therapeutic, her gentle guidance around the circle was actually magically transformational It's as if many messy loose ends from my past and present were pulled together and neatly braided into a thick chord of self acceptance and acknowledgement - that has acted as a grab-handle to assist with my own powerful stepping up and springing forward.” Carol 

“Emily is a brilliant coach she really can help you get it all started”  Helen  

 “Emily has a unique ability to channel many sources of information at a time without losing the track or saying anything that is at all fluffy... the information that comes through is incredibly useful, accurate and insightful.  The sessions are so well held, sometimes you forget you're actually on Skype. Emily has a very clear way of communicating and I find her reassuring, loving, warm, helpful and practical. I am also deeply impressed and touched by her followups with all the details sent through promptly and generously... wow, what service! Diane 

“I had been going round in circles for some time regarding the future direction for my business and was feeling very frustrated when I came to see Emily. She helped me see that the answer was right in front of me and all I had to do was recognise it go for it! I am VERY excited about the possibilities for my business and fired up to make it all a reality as quickly as possible. Thank you so much for the clarity you have given me.I would like to add that you are not only intuitive and insightful, you also have great business skills and very generously provided me with some practical support and advice on the way forward – thank you.

To anyone reading this who is struggling with a particular issue in terms of your business or personal life, my advice is - go and see Emily - you won’t regret it!” Julie

“Emily’s unique coaching style gave plenty of room for my own uniqueness. This was a huge relief! I felt that there was a real beauty and blossoming in the sessions, they were always heart centred and I am pleased to say, created desirable positive change with rapid real results. Working with Emily Jane Love is an illuminating experience that has truly enriched my business since we started. She has a vast amount of knowledge, insight and intuition that makes sessions with her a deep excavation of soul purpose.” Lizzie - Yoga and Dance Teacher, Slow Living. 

Working with Emily is incredible, energising and inspiring. She has a warm, heart-centred approach and her ideas, positivity and business knowledge have not only inspired me but also given me the confidence (that as a creative person, who has little business knowledge) I can build a sustainable company that aligns with my mission and purpose”. Sam Seager, Actress and founder of Drama Bugs

“Emily just "gets me" on a level that no other coach has been able to reach. I feel seen, heard, celebrated and encouraged by her. Truly respectful of what I am birthing into the world, Emily is always by my side, supporting my ventures. She is about twenty steps ahead of me, too, which is super-helpful when planning and deciding the next road to take. I love her wisdom, her enthusiasm, her alchemical / esoteric side, as well as her old-fashioned manners and good nose for business. She is a gift to all us soulpreneurs!!!!” Bayari 

During the months we worked together her steady encouragement and guidance provided me with the much-needed support to overcome my blocks and find clarity on how to move forward. Now I feel settled and secure in my new work situation.Emily is highly intuitive and empathic. She related to my deeper needs, helped channel my creative potential in a beautiful way, as well as helping me to stay focused on the practical side of things & action steps. I would highly recommend Emily to anyone who needs support in taking their creative or healing business to the next level of expansion, outreach and success. She is walking her talk with joy, wisdom and radiance indeed.” Bristena

“Initially the process was challenging, but thank you Emily for your gentle non-judgmental approach, it enabled me to be deeply honest and reflect on my life. After many months in a low place, it feels as if this session has been an awakening to a wonderful feeling of freedom. It was amazing to feel that small but significant changes can re-ignite my inner world of passion and joy. Thank you for supporting me to again feel the wonderfulness of being alive. It is hard to find the words to express my gratitude to you for facilitating this transformational process. It feels as if after many months of being stuck in a monochrome world, the colours are seeping back again. Sending you many blessing to continue your powerful work and lots of love.” Miriam

I work with you over a period of four months. I am opening some slots up after the Summer Solstice. Fees are £300 a month. You have the option of a payment plan if this is better for you. Working together for over this time from midsummer could give you a magical Autumn and beyond.. Over the the four months we meet one hour or so every other week on Zoom and you have my support in-between via email. 

Coaching sessions include:

  • deep intuitive listening and response
  • use of intuitive tools for support 
  • making actions and holding you accountable to taking them to make sure that the changes  you want actually happen 
  • exploration into the deep nature of your soul and how to bring more joy to your life based on our findings
  • encouragement, self-belief (+ mine in you) enthusiasm, a feeling that you are fulfilling your potential

They may also include:

  • hypnotherapy to clear specific areas decided between us
  • star maiden circle which is a holistic style consultation to get to the root of an issue where that is not clear 
  • business and marketing support if needed
  • inspiration for creative projects

As a result of our work together You will probably feel like you have everything you need to go about your life with a renewed sense of clarity, direction, inner knowing and focus. If we are working on a business, project or book then you will leave knowing everything you need to do to make that happen.


I work with people over a period of 4 months. The fee is £300 per month. You can pay this via installments if you wish. This includes one introductory session of 90 minutes and then 2  sessions together of around an hour every month and includes email support throughout that time. It's a bit like working with a personal trainer but for your Soul. 

Get in touch using the button below for a free chat where you can find out more about working together. 

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