Sharing from the heart

If you could share from your heart in a supportive circle of warm, acceptingpeople, what might you say, offer or do? Sing a song, read a poem, do a dance or give out hugs? You may just want to be still. Whatever comes from the heart in that moment is your gift to the circle. You might prepare something in advance. Or dare to surprise yourself!

  • This wonder-filled event offers:Alchemic heart-opening rituals and meditations
  • Magical barrier-melting group exercisesUplifting heart-centred movement
  • A unique 'variety show' of heart-centred offerings co-created by each of you!
  • Laughter, maybe tears and an abundance of loving connection

Sharing From The Heart gives you a palpable reminder that we're essentially the same, yet utterly unique. And that we're never more beautiful than when we're being ourselves.

“These events are filled with joy and laughter. You’ll find there’s no surprise in connecting with someone you’ve just met; soul to soul, heart to heart. It’s such a beautifully profound and meaningful experience.” Ingrid

“I don’t know anyone with Emily’s energy and pure passion for helping others and bringing people together. In the very cosy and welcoming event space, she beams out enthusiasm and experience in abundance.” Olivia

“So beautiful and magical. Powerful – through each part of the evening my heart really opened and expanded and my attention and focus moved more and more from head to heart.” Caroline

Come and join us for an experiential, soulful and authentic experience of Sharing from the Heart.

This event will help you open and connect with your heart so that you can experience how good it feels to express your true self and share from your heart. It can open you to the possibility of a life of more joy and love. This is an opportunity to open your heart and let go of the barriers you may have to heart-felt connection in your life.

Sharing from the Heart is an experience of connection, celebration and beautiful, uplifting experiences. As a participant, you’ll feel free, newly in touch with your heart and totally loved up! The event will contain meditation, simple ritual to open you to love and warming group processes that are magical, fun and lead us into the heart sharing.

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