The Feather of Maat

This is a four month creation Circle to bring support, radiance, inspiration and manifestation of your work / business / project / life into the world.

The Feather of Maat group is a place where we can go beyond the every day in order to connect with the energetic and essential quality of your heart and the elements as well as look at some deeply practical magic for moving through our blocks to develop and share our work out in the world more.

We will use the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water as a template for our creative projects and discover how deeper connection with the elements can have a great impact on following our most natural flow so that our work feels more in flow with our natural rhythm, easy and graceful

It will be an intimate group up to five people who have a specific project or next step to create in their work, life or business. This is done with a clear focused structure to connect with your heart and the life force that flows through you. (Our meetings will include a Heart Connection Meditation / Visualisation / some gentle unblocking movement, Sharing from the Heart and sharing of insights and marketing support).

The group is named after a card from an Oracle pack “The Feather of Matt” which represents truth and freedom. Internalising ourselves creates problems with the throat chakra and so we focus on releasing all fear and allowing ourselves to speak from our hearts without fear. This group elicits our ability to express that inner wisdom that cannot be dictated to or controlled by anything. It is what it is. Our focus in being like that more.Listen to your heart’s wisdom, connect with source flowing through you and take consistent action to create a key element of your business / project /work / expression.

You will be doing this all within a supportive group energy, which brings accountability, inspiration and support. It’s much more fun and effective to be together, create together and focus on your vision, moving through resistance and challenges and celebrating success together, than it is doing it alone. It can be the crucial catalyst that we sometimes all need and I have found that being listened to and loved can be one of the most transformative of experiences.

Now is the time for us to feel inspired, alive and passionate for what you can offer to the world. Don’t try to be appropriate, don’t try to be socially acceptable and worry about what others may think about what you are doing - just be.

How it works…

We meet every two weeks on Zoom for an hour and a half at a time that works for everyone. There is an online forum for ongoing support and inspiration. You get a one hour session with Emily at the start. You have access to resources and documents that are helpful to your mindset, marketing and self-magic.

Clarity on Your Creative Focus & Intention

In your first session we connect to your Heart’s vision and identify what your Heart wants to create now in your work, business or life. This will have the most beneficial impact on you, your audience and your work and becomes your intention and focus for the next four months. For example: to launch my website, to build my practice, to fill my events, to complete a detox, to create prosperity with grace and ease, to go from employed to freelance, to write my book, to launch my podcast


Every other week we come together for our group and open with a connection our group energy and to your heart’s vision. Everyone checks in; sharing insights, challenges, celebrations and it becomes obvious what is needed from the session to take the next steps towards the true path of your heart. You always leave with the next inspired action to take towards your creative intention. It’s nourishing, rejuvinating and inspiring. 

One to One and Online Group

  • Eight x 90 minute fortnightly group calls
  • One x 60 minute 121 session with Emily
  • Online group for daily support as required
  • All sessions are recorded so that you can catch up with them in your own time if you cannot make the live group call


These sorts of Creative Heart groups are nourishing, supportive and effective. Everyone deepens their connection to the elements and to their own intuitive inspiration and grows in confidence with their heart’s wisdom and natural creative cycles and rhythms. Results I’ve experienced with people in my groupsinclude:

  • Created and launched a new website and online program
  • Created and launched an awards ceremony in their industry
  • Moved house, started a business and found a new relationship
  • Been instilled with a new-found sense of self-confidence in their work and offerings
  • Started a new charity
  • Went from being a full time employee to running their own business and having their old company as a consultant
  • Manifested the finances to upgrade systems in order to keep technologically up-to-date
  • Developed the confidence to see themselves as a professional musician hence changing their way of approaching gigs and performances and fees
  • Understood what needed to be done to franchise the business and do it
  • Got a spot on This Morning and had articles in The Guardian, Natural Health Magazine and Essentials
  • Appeared in her local paper twice in two weeks, once on the front cover
  • Created a membership group and expanded the business from local to national
  • Got a series of talks in new venues and expanded FB Page from 600 - 1000 followers
  • Got clarity on the ease and grace which the business could be run with a clear direction of what to do next and the tools to do so
  • Re-ignited career after a few years of doing unfulfilling work and transformed their visibility in order to do so
  • Felt so supported that they were able to overcome their blocks and get much needed clarity on how to move forward and then feel settled and secure in new work situation.


£200 per month, (121 sessions with me are from £300 a month) so this is an affordable way work with me at a reduced rate and in an amazing group of other people too -which can actually be even more beneficial sometimes than just working 121, making it financially accessible as well as powerful. Payment Plans are availabe. 


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